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I first met Edwin about 5 years ago when I was guided to have a reading by him. Then, as every time I have consulted him since, he has managed to pull a white rabbit out of the hat. He has told me something that I have NOT picked up, which has then gone on to create a catalyst for profound change in my life. Christine and I cannot recommend Edwin highly enough. In our view he is one of the clearest channels we have had the privilege of working with and recommend him to all our students. His energy is one with the Ascended Masters and also, unusually so, he has a profound link with the Angelic Kingdom on a level rarely seen in channels in the field today.

You can contact Edwin at bluestarofwonder@hotmail.com


For Christine and I, the person who we have had the pleasure and joy to work with over the last 3 years, who embodies the Power and Joy of the Goddess to a degree we have not encountered in anyone else, is Alex Chaloner.

We cannot recommend her too highly to anybody who feels the call of the Goddess in their hearts. If you attend one of her Goddess workshops, not only will you feel the joy of the Creative Force which is Goddess Energy, you will learn to play in this energy as a little child.

For us, Alex also embodies Spirit at the highest level, with powerful links into the Galactic Masters and the Angels of Light.


Kay Zega is one of our most passionate supporters and teachers of Angelic Reiki in the UK.  She is the author of an excellent article on Angelic Reiki published in a leading UK magazine that is inspired people worldwide to embrace this healing modality.




















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