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The time of the widespread use of the Merkabah for humanity as a whole is not now. The people who will be drawn to this practice are people who've done this practice in previous lifetimes, who have contacted the Divine Creative Energy of the Merkabah in the temples of the ancient world, and those people who recognize their connection with the extra-terrestrial and angelic realms of light.

As we come to the end of three great cycles, a 250 million year cycle, a 260,000 year galactic cycle, and the 26,000 solar cycle, there are those of us who recognize that our time in 3-D here on earth is now coming to a close. We are impulsed by our Divine Self to ignite our consciousness with the energy of Cosmic Fire, the pure Creative Force of the Divine. We recognize that we are Ascended Masters walking the earth, connected to the consciousness of humanity impulsing our brothers and sisters to wake up from the atrophy of limited consciousness.

Our main focus is to teach this workshop in what was known as Thebes, Egypt, in the ancient world, now known as Luxor. The word Luxor means City of Light .

As we teach these 7 day workshops, our purpose is to reactivate the temples here, to reawaken the ancient wisdom of Atlantis held in these temples, to ground the Galactic Council on Earth and to activate the Merkabah of Gaia into Ascension.In the beginning - page 1








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