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What we have tried to show here is that inherent in all natural systems is the Divine Building Block of the Golden Mean Ratio.

This is the knowledge that was the innermost secret of the Egyptians and Greeks, and before these the Atlanteans. In the 14th, 15th & 16th centuries, with the inclusion into the ranks of the Masons of the Artists and Craftsmen of the era, a new revolution in Art, Architecture and music took place. It became known as the Golden Age of the Reformation, and was fuelled by these artisans being exposed to the knowledge of the Golden Mean and its role in Divine Proportion.

These artisans built into their paintings, buildings and music the proportions, the vibration of the Golden Mean which give their work the quality of beauty only found up till then in nature.

The Moslem arch and cathedral doorway are both designed using two intersecting circles and Vesica Piscis, but at right angles to each other. Through these doors, symbols of spiritual passage, we leave the street of the Many and enter the domain of the One.

The west facade of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is designed as a circle descend­ing from heaven above which intersects a circle rising from earth below. Entering a cathedral symbolically places us in the space between them where transformation is possible.


These extracts and those following are from 'A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe'

By Michael Schneider.


The Golden Mean in Art






























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