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Again, these continue to be the only forces within the Unmanifest until the combined action of these two spinning rings again causes the space around them to move and a third spinning ring of forces is generated. This is formed outside the first and second ring and spins at 90 degrees to the two originals.

It goes out on its designated path, with its slight arc, until such time as it arrives back at its origins, as did the other two. When the third ring arrives back at its origin and forms a third spinning ring of force it creates a closed system. This system is known as a Cosmos and this is the closest approximate description of the creation of a Cosmos given in Metaphor.

These spinning rings of force have qualities. The first that was created is called the Ring Cosmos. The second that was created is called the Ring Chaos, and the third the Ring Pass Not.

The qualities of the Ring Cosmos are that its influence extends from the periphery into the centre. Its tendency is to build up in the centre. It is a positive force or male energy.

The qualities of the Ring Chaos are that its influence extends from the centre to the periphery. Its tendency is to return that which has been built up at the centre and return it from when it came, the Unmanifest. Its tendency therefore is to break down that which has been built up. It is a negative force or female energy.

The qualities of the Ring Pass Not are to hold the forces of the other two rings in balance.

That system which is now known to you as a Cosmos is Merkabah. There has to be these three forces in operation in our Cosmos before anything can become manifest. They are the building blocks, the foundation on which all else stands. That is why in our Universe, Divinity is always described as a triune force. Everything in our world has these three forces that bring everything we see about us into creation. It is the knowledge of the manipulation of these forces which is the key to creation itself.

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