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The Golden Heart Merkabah of Creation is the original teaching given to man by the Angelic Kingdom. It is a method of activating your Merkabah fields (light-body/consciousness) to put you back in touch with who we really are. It has been passed to Kevin and Christine Core through their links with the Angelic Kingdom.

It started as a fascination with geometry in my teens. I went on to study the Flower of Drunvelo Malchezedek’s ‘Flower of Life’ in 1994. Although the Golden Heart Merkabah is very different to the teachings of Drunvelo’s acknowledgement is due to him for bringing this field of wisdom into the open.

These workshops bring a deep knowing of the truth of our Divinity. This is demonstrated through a knowledge of form as know and taught in the mystery schools of Greece and Egypt.

Please followe the links on the right to read about the basics information.

It is my dream that everyone who wishes should have access to every thing they need and desire in order to be the greatest expression possible of all they are.

Why learn the Merkabah?

The greatest gift of this workshop is the liberation of spiritual information into the realms of pattern and form rather than philosophy and concept. This brings the freedom to soar to new heights of consciousness and understanding.

The 7 day workshops are given once to twice a year.

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